10 Sweet Ways To Say “I Love You” With a Cake Delivery

Oct 11, 2022

Send Love From Afar With a Decadent Dessert Box


Whether you’re missing them dearly or you just want to say “thinking of you”, our cakes for delivery span the distance between you to make them smile. We have a wide selection of cookies, desserts, and cakes for delivery that we can wrap up and send directly to the recipient in Thailand.


1.Seriously Dark Chocolate Cookies


We’ve got seriously sweet cookies for delivery to make them smile. This set is perfect for dark chocolate lovers, as each bite is soft and crumbly and packed with chunks of bitter dark chocolate. They can be delivered to any recipient in Thailand, whether you’ve got a family member you want to say “hi” to or a loved one that needs a quick pick-me-up.


2. Soft Cookie Gift Set

Drop a dessert box on that friend’s doorstep to cheer them up. This box of delights is sure to raise a smile, packed full of gooey cookies.

Our soft cookies are baked to perfection with a golden, soft middle that simply melts in the mouth. They’re topped with fluffy marshmallows and bits of chocolate, too – because who doesn’t love chocolate chunks in their cookie?


3. Signature Strawberry Birthday Cake

What better way to celebrate their day than with a birthday cake delivery? If you can’t be there in person, our Signature Strawberry Birthday Cake is a delight to look at and tuck into, featuring layers of soft vanilla sponge and sweet strawberry jelly.


The outside is hand-piped with luscious icing, and the top is finished with fresh strawberries and edible silver sparkles. It can be presented in a gift box and sent straight to that loved one just in time for their big day.


4. Mont Blanc Birthday Cake


A seriously impressive way to say “happy birthday!”, our Mont Blanc cake tastes every bit as good as it looks. The base is a crunchy almond tart filled with baked almond cream which gives nutty taste and smoothness of sponge cream, so there’s a contrast of biscuit and smoothness in each bite.


We used hand-piped chocolate mousse to create the awesome domed top, and we’ve added bits of edible silver for a real show-stopping finish. It’s one of our cakes for delivery that is sure to make your presence feel known from far away.


 5. 5-Piece Dessert Box

Give them a choice of sweet treats with our 5-piece dessert box. It features a selection of our favorite cakes, including the Yuzu Tart, Strawberry Shortcakes, and Coeur des Bois, and each one is hand-finished for a seriously impressive experience.


Even better? They’re presented in a classy display box, and you can also have a message hand-piped on the inside to say “I love you” or “You’re great!”.


Lastly, the box is wrapped up with a bow in the color of your choice and can be sent directly to that loved one for a special day or a sweet pick-me-up.


6. Double-Layer Dessert Box

Indulge the entire family with our double-layer cake box. As one of our biggest dessert boxes, it contains 13 of our most-loved baked treats.


They can tuck into our Mont Blanc, Strawberry Shortcake, and Coffee Warrior, to name just a few. Plus, it comes presented in a gift box and finished with a bow for your most-cherished friends to unwrap. You can even include a hand-piped note to wish them a good day and make them beam.


 7. Coffee Butter Cake


One for the coffee lover in your life… Send that friend a dessert delivery they can indulge in with their favorite beverage.


This Coffee Butter Cake is indulgently moist and exudes the aroma of fresh espresso. It’s topped with caramelized pecans for a little crunch, and it can be dropped on that loved one’s doorstep. Packaged in a box, it’s ready to be sent directly to that recipient in Thailand.


8. Mandarin Yuzu Butter Cake

Satisfy their sweet tooth with our Mandarin Yuzu Butter Cake, one of our many delicious dessert delivery options that you can send to someone special in Thailand. The handmade sponge is buttery and moist, while the mandarin topping packs a citrusy punch.


We’ve finished it by hand with edible silver sparkles to make it that bit more special. Send it directly to your friend to make their day.


9. Basque Cheesecake

Our chef traveled all the way to Basque Country to learn how to make this traditional cheesecake, ensuring each bite is delectable. We can send it as a dessert gift basket to a loved one to let them know you’re thinking of them. A little less sweet than traditional cakes, this option is perfect for those who don’t often treat their sweet tooth.


10. Chocolate Birthday Cake

When you can’t be there in person, send a birthday cake delivery in your place.


This Chocolate Birthday Cake is truly impressive to look at and bite into. The glossy frosting is topped with broken chunks of gourmet chocolate and crispy macarons. Inside, there are layers of soft sponge and chocolate cream, so chocoholics will be satisfied with each mouthful.