A sweet gift for mom to make your day more special.

Jul 19, 2022

Pampering your mom with our sweet deck “A Coco mom”

Getting inspiration from a known perfect companion between coconut and pandan. The menu was created from our signature shortcake, coconut flesh together with an authentic coconut milk infused pandan fragrance leaves. This recipe was sweetened with palm sugar which you can feel the aroma. The sky blue chantilly cream colored from butterfly pea and french whipping cream to symbolise Thai mother’s day.

Spot on the pandan leaf macaron shell with pandan white chocolate filling sits along the white fluffy coconut flesh coating white chocolate and dry coconut flake to represent mother’s love, care and tenderness.

เค้กวันแม่ ของขวัญวันแม่ เค้กมะพร้าว สำหรับแม่ที่รัก คนเดียวในดวงใจ เค้กอร่อยจาก เช ชิบาตะ 365 Chezshibata365